Dripping Wet Ta-tas: Boobs #8

Natalie Fiore is back and bustier and sexier than ever, if that were possible. The return of this fantabulous French Fifi has brought much joy to the house of the rating group and its community of fans of the breast and nipple. Natalia says that a restaurant is the best option to take. This is my favorite place for a first date, says Natalie. When we go to a bar or club, who are unable to speak. We have to make a little conversation, right? I do not want to go to a park. I do not like parks. Not only would a man leave his home for a first date. It would be kind of tough for him to ask me just to go home with him. So the best option is to go to a nice restaurant, elegant and a bottle of red wine. Red is passion and I love it. Or maybe some champagne and a nice dinner and romantic. What could be better than that? In November 2007, by e-mail JE excited to tell us he saw Natalia in a cafe while in the south of France on holiday. She was with a friend. He introduced himself and chatted with her. As proof, he sent us some snaps representing agree. Therefore, it is quite possible that information about what Natalie and other models, as it might in a date in your hand! Who knows, who can stroll to meet a man?

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